Who we serve 

  • Space and Defense 
  • Data Science
  • Bio-Pharma & Life Sciences
  • Telecoms & Technology
  • Space Infrastructure development
  • Scientific Research & development
  • Universities
  • Space Minning Companies  

Simplicity & Transformation

This our business value

Experience Matters

Dealing with today's space business challenges and competitive development is not something you take lightly. You need to make sure you have the right partner that knows the industry and has vast experience.

Business Development

Time and confidence are always a factor when dealing with Space businesses development. The sooner working on the strategy and technological solutions development the better the odds you'll get a competitive edge.

Personal & Resourceful

In AQST, we are well skilled in creating solutions through technology, strategy, and management. Count on our team for the technologies, solutions, and support to bring your Space company to the next competitive level.


Leading humankind to the next frontier