• Space Systems Operations & Logistics
  • Space MRO Operations 
  • Advance Manufacturing 
  • Space Complex Facility Management
  • Ground Stations
  • Spacecraft operations

4th Industrial Revolution Business Development

  • Additive Manufacturing Services
  • AI knowledge base manufacturing
  • Space age Materials & Technology  R&D
  • Space Orbit Infrastructure Development

Our work is always intended to provide the highest value, technical benefits, and financial profits 

We are the global magnet for Space, Scientific & Technology Industries

  • Data Science- Big Data, Analytics, IoT and Geospatial Monitoring
  • Space Unmanned Vehicles (SUV) manufacturing, assembly, testing, and operation
  • Automation, Robotics, Augmented reality and AI
  • Propulsion systems for launch vehicles and satellites
  • Space communications and data fusion
  • Scientific & Technology R&D
  • Remote Sensing , Analytics and Agronomics
  • Crop damage assessment
  • Crop Health Monitoring
  • Classification and Land Use Planning
  • Security
  • Vegetation, Water, And Soil Monitoring
  • Precision Farming
  • Predictive Modelling (Forecast, Risk Management)

Food Security & Resources management

Technology & Engineering