Technology & Engineering

AQST Space Systems is committed to providing the most advanced and disruptive technology solutions to expand the potential of earth observation, every day living automation, robotics, UV's AI and data science tools to enabling the economic development, disrupt with the additive manufacturing, protection of living resources, improve sustainability, increase security, transform the safety of transportation, speed up telecommunications and expanding opportunities for new businesses and technologies.

To succeed amid the highly competitive economy, government and private sector must stay alert to the evolution of technology and ensure their organizations are flexible and responsive enough to capture opportunities as they emerge in new markets and along the value chain.

What we do
We support clients to design, operates and execute large-scale technology change programs that engage people at all levels of the organization in finding ways to continually improve performance, reduce costs, maximize efficiencies and exploring new opportunities for the next industrial revolution.

Earth Observation

We work shaping a vision of the remote sensing technology in benefit of the governments and organizations. We offer the satellite Earth observation value chain to provide Consumption Patterns, Macroeconomic and Agroeconomic Analysis, Supply Chain Tracking, Portfolio Analysis, Predictive Modeling, Semantic Change Detection, Multi-Factor Risk Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Situational Awareness and Data Fusion for Defense and Non-Defense industries.

Advanced Manufacturing

We provide high regulated and complex additive manufacturing for aerospace, Space Systems, Satellites, Robotics, Space Unmanned Vehicles SUV's and any other sophisticated manufacturing that requires the most strict standards, confidentiality, and quality at the lower costs in the market. These include augmented reality, 3D printing, robotics, automation, AI and data science, among other technologies.

Space Communications & Tracking services

AQST Space Systems develop and operates solutions and services to support the commercialization of space operations. Our offerings include Space Analytics, Debris & Object Tracking, Data Fusion, Asteroid mining analysis, planetary mining and many others to support the fastest deployment of planetary colonization, exploration and commercialization.

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