Space & Defense

AQST Space Systems offers propietary technologies, direct support, and strong knowledge to companies and organizations looking for the space commercialization and colonization. We develop, manufacture, assemble and operate Orbital infrastructure development and Space systems projects to support the highest requirements from our clients. Our experience extends from strategy, advanced manufacturing, knowledge management, Supply Chain, Logistics, Orbital Infrastructure development and Zero gravity manufacturing.

Who we are
AQST Space Systems is a diversified global Space & Defense company committed to supporting the industries with the fastest, less risky and at lower cost possible the commercialization of space. Our exclusive team of partners, employees and technologies offer a unique approach to deliver solutions to execute the strategic visions and meet mission-critical goals. We continually invest in developing unique capabilities, technologies, insights, and tools to serve our clients. Our team of experts is helping our clients address the space commercialization complex business-management issues, including the financing and risk management.

What we do
Our team serves the space commercialization segments of the industry. Our clients range from space systems original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), space commercialization related businesses, R&D, testing, communications, maintenance, repair, and overhaul. We work as a partner with our clients to help them improve operations, program affordability, and growth. We have standing relationships with OEM's and operators of satellites, propulsion systems, space communications and space systems, offering to our clients and partners us the opportunity to deliver the lower cost and high-quality manufacturing, operations, and testing services. We also provide a strategic approach planning to space and defense industry.

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