About Our Company


AQST Space Systems Group is a US minority-owned Space & Defense company founded in 2018 in partnership with Berlin Space Consortium Consortium GmbH. We provide state of the art solutions that integrates innovative proprietary space systems technologies and disruptive business solutions to support the domestic and global market through space commercialization, R&D, telecommunications, IoT, data science, and additive manufacturing.

Our vertically integrated solutions approach includes proprietary space systems technologies, proprietary space-age materials, non-toxic propellants, highly efficient warranted propulsion systems, adaptive space robotics, automation, data science, IoT, AI, R&D and bundle of multiple space supporting services.

We operate under the highest ethical, quality and safety standards. AQST Space Systems takes very seriously our position and the needs of our clients. We offer a distinctive, collaborative and unique culture that transcends organizational and regional boundaries. Our approach is down to earth and has the passion, discipline, and knowledge of achieving the client's satisfaction at the lowest costs and complexity in the market. We always are in search and working to deliver effective customized solutions for an immediate impact and transformation, develop new opportunities and fast growing for our clients and the global aerospace market.


Multi-linguistic and cultural diversification
This is our Flexibility & Global Value

The Team


Our team consists of an internationally recognized engineers, Ph.D.'s, MBA's, Data Scientists, Specialized Aerospace technical personnel and Ground Operations specialists with thousands of hours of combined experience, each holding advanced licenses and degrees in Management, Project Management, Supply Chain, Logistics, Engineering, Aerospace, MRO operations, Risk Management, Data Science, Space Robotics, Chemistry, Technology, Physics and Telecommunications. Our ability to build innovative products, create global collaborative alliances, offering the lowest costs and high-quality (US/German) advanced manufacturing, simplifying complex operations, and develop disruptive technologies, is what solidifies opportunities for our clients. For us, it's about being unrelenting, engaged, consistent, and effective.  And, you can count on us acting in the same manner for you. You won't find a more diversified skilled-knowledgeable trustful partner-like us.