About Us


The Quantum-X300 is a multi-mission, reusable, returnable, and autonomous Orbiter Space Vehicle. This proprietary technology is the first serialized-produced, low-cost, high value and reliable orbital Astro-space vehicle.

The Quantum-X300 is supported by the AQST innovative and exclusive portfolio of proprietary technologies that includes Rocket Engines, Launch Vehicles, Satellite Propulsion Systems, Non-Toxic Propellants, Space Systems, and Subsystems.

AQST Space Systems provides proprietary critical technology and knowledge we can:

  • Guarantee the lowest mission costs
  • Offer the highest safety standards
  • Provide on-time launching schedules

  • Provide the most complete and unique team of engineers and scientists with more than 25 years of experience in rocket propulsion systems and spacecraft manufacturing, hundreds of successful launches, and the complete set of knowledge and skills to guarantee the success of every mission.