Who We Serve 

  • Aerospace and Defense 
  • Safety & Security
  • Technology- Big Data/IoT/AI
  • Bio-Pharma & Life Sciences
  • Agro-Space
  • Communications
  • Space Infrastructure development
  • Scientific research & development
  • Universities
  • Space Minning Companies
  • Risk Management  

AQST Manufacturing Complex- Yuma, AZ

AQST Space Systems Yuma Manufacturing Complex
Address: Yuma International Airport
Joe Foss Hangar, 171 E. 40th. St
Yuma Arizona, 85365
Telephone: 480.550.5546
Email: info@aqstspace.com

AQST Space Systems Head Quarters- Mesa, AZ

AQST Space Systems Headquarters
Address: 4711 E. Falcon Drive, Ste 101
Mesa Arizona, 85215
Telephone: 480.550.5546
Email: info@aqstspace.com

What We Do

AQST helps companies quickly and affordably begin doing business in space – whether it’s launching payloads, building a small satellite, starting a new service on our satellite constellation, manufacturing their own launch vehicle, or undertaking a special project. Just as the internet lets anyone with a good idea start a business overnight, AQST Space Systems helps anyone with a good idea go right to work in space. We call it Space as a Service (SpaaS).